Inside a view camera, everything appears upside down. Charles Henry is a large format, documentary, and monochrome artist originally from West Texas. He gained his BFA in design from Texas Tech in 2005. Before moving to Austin in 2011, Charles made photographs of the Great Plains. He is a former artist at Navasota Artist in Residence living in Odessa.


I help people lead regular lives by being an example of what not to emulate. In 2010, the only photo lab in the US processing Kodachrome announced they would stop developing the film stock. So I dug up a 35mm camera, placed a bid for twenty-five rolls and set out to photograph the city of Amarillo. I mailed my exposed rolls to the lab in Kansas. Every other week or so I received my prepared slides, held them up to light and marveled. As my camera doubled in size to accommodate plates made on site, my energy and enthusiasm grew.



  • 60th Annual Permian Basin Juried Art Exhibition, Ellen Noël Art Museum of the Permian Basin, Odessa, TX, May 2018
  • Fall Open House, Horlock Gallery, Navasota, TX, January 2018
  • Grand Opening, The Gallery Downtown, Navasota, TX, August 2017
  • Spring Open House, Horlock Gallery, Navasota, TX, June 2017
  • Member’s Choice Show, Texas Documentary Photographers, Austin, TX, January 2017
  • VERGE Winter Arts Show, Austin, TX, December 2016
  • East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX, November 2016
  • Grayscale, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, July 2015
  • Holland Photo Imaging’s West Studio Tour, Austin, TX, May 2014