Travel Texas Pecos Trail

MIDLAND, TX – Texas Heritage Trails Program has much to offer. We went to the Petroleum Musem to see a presentation on the history of the Pecos Trail. As part of HemisFair ’68 held in San Antonio, Texas established ten driving tours to promote tourism in the state. Govoner John Connally championed the project. Today Pecos Trail links frontier forts, state parks, historic homes, museums and more. |

Slow down in Fort Stockton

FORT STOCKTON, TX – From roadrunners to road races, Fort Stockton has much to love. We saw the fort’s old cemetery, talked history with a resident and took pictures. We also stopped at the historical marker for Mr. and Mrs. Isaac J Rude’s stagecoach station. Located eight miles west of town, it offered a vast view of the Trans-Pecos—blue mountains on the horizon. Trucks rumbled on the Interstate.

For more information visit: Annie Riggs Memorial Museum, and Historic Fort Stockton.

Travel back in time on the San Antonio-El Paso Road

FORT DAVIS, TX – Discover a forgotten road. Plotted by the army during the California Gold Rush in 1849, San Antonio-El Paso Road stretched 650 miles over West Texas and allowed trade and settlers to move west over the Edwards Plateau and Trans-Pecos regions. It served as a mail route to San Diego and vanished when railroads became the primary mode of overland transportation in 1882. Today it links historical sites: Casa Navarro, Landmark Inn, Fort Lancaster, Fort Davis, and Magoffin Home. Visit


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